Environment are important, people always sail that ,but few people could really do for it without seeing the profit.Government have to do something for the environment, but they didn't. All we saw is the fishes and corals were gone and the pollution show.   


what they think is "we provide 10000 people to work" but they did not think take care the environment is our duty.


       Jamaica government think tourism can bring money to them and have a better life, however, they didn't.The villages built a hence between residents and ocean,they were isolated and only dirty beaches for them.


Fish-man just want to fish they do it form generations to generations,they just want the normal life.Tourism go Jamaica to see a different culture, traditional lifestyle and buy souvenir made by local people,but it seems different then they thought.


     Government did not having management or something to protect the environment, they just know the profit,the money.

salary are low  


capitalism made labors fight for their rights  


low taxes for resorts and hotels




the more money you have ,the more power you have




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